Thirty years ago New Zealand was on the verge of economic collapse. Today, the country is a driving force in international trade, economic leadership, healthy environmental practices, and is the flagship for sustainable fishing practices. Johan Norberg examines this transition led by an unlikely alliance of farm owners and maverick politicians who broke a system of excessive privileges that was choking the nation.
The one-hour documentary introduces us to the extraordinary people who’ve built new lives for themselves, their families, and their fellow Kiwis by seizing the economic opportunity that resulted from economic reforms.
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You can’t have free markets in strategic resources. As Paul Krugman warned us, free trade made us dependent on China for rare earth minerals, necessary in almost all high-tech gizmos, so it was a disaster when China restricted exports in 2010. Dead wrong. How did this move actually backfire on Chinese industry? Find out with Free To Choose Media Executive Editor and Cato Institute Senior Fellow Johan Norberg as he explains.
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