Free To Choose Network | Board of Directors
Robert Chatfield (President & CEO)

Robert Chatfield serves as President and Chief Executive Officer of Free To Choose Network (FTCN), a global media organization, replacing Bob Chitester, Founder and Chairman of the Board, who stepped aside as President and CEO in July 2017. Chatfield oversees all departments of the 24-person organization, and will be growing the divisions while keeping the vision and mission of the 501(c)(3) in focus.

Prior to joining FTCN, he was CFO of Fluid Imaging Technologies, a manufacturer of scientific instruments. He has also served as a merger and acquisition advisor to private companies. Chatfield previously worked in corporate finance roles with Banknorth Group (now TD Bank) and Polaroid Corporation.

Starting his career with the non-profit Pioneer Institute, a market-oriented research institute based in Boston, Chatfield has maintained a proactive role in academia for 20 years, teaching as an adjunct faculty member for many organizations. Rob is currently affiliated with Syracuse University’s online MBA program and Suffolk University’s finance department, where he earned his M.S. in Finance.

"Rob brings the trifecta we were seeking in enthusiasm, vision and professional experience. I have every confidence that he will guide and guard this organization's legacy for the next 30 years," said Chitester.

Chatfield is a lifelong learner, community servant, and an adventurer. He served a one-year visiting professor assignment at Suffolk’s campus in Dakar, Senegal and has participated in several humanitarian missions with Rotary International.