Free To Choose Network | Board of Directors
Robert J. Chitester (Founder and Chairman)
Media Executive

Bob Chitester is the Founder and Chairman of Free To Choose Network, a 501(c)(3) public foundation. Chitester is also president and CEO of Chitester Creative Associates, Inc., which founded The Idea ChannelĀ®.

With David and Janet Friedman, Chitester is a partner of Free To Choose Enterprise, and manages licensing and sales of Free To Choose. Free To Choose is the award-winning PBS TV series hosted by Milton Friedman, and also the name of Friedman's best-selling book based on the series. Chitester conceived the project and was the executive producer of the series.

Bob was formerly president and CEO of the Erie, Pennsylvania PBS and NPR stations (WQLN and WQLN-FM). He received BA and MA degrees from the University of Michigan, and the Honorary Doctor of Literature degree from Allegheny College.

He and his wife, Carol Lovell, have four children, and eight grandchildren.