Free To Choose Network | Executive Team
Cindee L. Behrendt

Vice President of Administration

For Cindee Behrendt, Free To Choose Network (FTCN) is the family business. As a young student, Behrendt helped out on weekends with her father, FTCN Chairman, President and CEO Bob Chitester, when he ran the local PBS television station. Behrendt learned some of the ropes of public television by helping with auctions, painting sets, stuffing envelopes, and even being on camera for story reading.

Behrendt was encouraged by her father to join him again, this time at FTCN, nearly 30 years ago. She took over the company travel schedule, keeping track of her father and the production crew as they traveled the globe filming documentaries. As FTCN grew, Behrendt served in key positions in various departments, including production, development, and marketing. Today, Behrendt oversees contracts, production releases, accounting, human resources, and all legal and insurance issues as vice president of administration.

Behrendt holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from the University of Edinboro and currently lives in Erie, PA with her husband, and two daughters. One of her daughters has also joined the family business, while the other is attending her alma mater.