Free To Choose Network | Executive Team
Tara L. Schupp

Chief Operating Officer

Tara Schupp is the chief operating officer at Free To Choose Network (FTCN), providing overall organization management to the global entertainment company. She leads the successful development and execution of public television and web productions, strategic marketing, and business development, the company’s educational initiative,, Free To Choose Press, and all sales and fulfillment.

Schupp was one of the first employees of FTCN, starting as an administrative assistant after graduating from business school in 1981. She has worked in every department of the company and supported television documentaries, cable series, and home video market from pre- through post-production. During her tenure, FTCN launched more than 500 projects ranging from documentaries, cable series, home video programs, including the award-winning The Ultimate Resource, The Power of the Poor with Hernando de Soto and Turmoil & Triumph: The George Shultz Years.

Schupp also oversees Free To Choose Press, which has published several books with worldwide distribution, including Hypocrites & Halfwits, by Donald J. Boudreaux, and Ideas and Action, by George P. Shultz. She also orchestrated the launch of and the company’s Roku channel, which provides hours of entertaining and informative documentaries.

She currently lives in Erie, PA with her husband and three daughters.