Free To Choose Network | Broadcasts

Free To Choose® Network is now registered at Benevity Causes as an official organization to receive donations from companies at a global level. When you visit this site through your employer, it allows you to make a matching gift to continue your support of the “Freedom of Speech” movement with FTCN. This global matching gifts program supports hundreds of nonprofits outside the United States and across the nation.

In just 3 Easy Steps, you can locate your favorite charity —Free To Choose Network.

  1. Ask your employer if they are registered on Benevity Causes (hint--ask your human resources and/or community service department)

  2. On employer link, search for Free To Choose Network or by ID #840-521455677

  3. Make your donation; it will automatically be matched by your employer

It’s that easy! And it’s a great opportunity for you to continue your philanthropic contributions through your workplace. Equally important, we wish to continue to show what freedom and liberty can do for people around the world, especially within a framework of free enterprise and limited government control.

Donate to Benevity Causes to match your Free To Choose Network donation.