Free To Choose Network | Executive Team
Amanda Pierson
Director of Grant Relations
Capitaf Administrator

In 2023 Amanda Pierson was promoted to the role as Capitaf’s Administrator where she schedules and organizes the use of the property and supervises student colloquiums. Pierson has been involved on multiple levels with FTCN’s productions since 2003, as well as the development of its education division and procurement of Capitaf.

As the director of grant relations, Pierson helps maintain and report funding for various projects and initiatives for Free To Choose® Network (FTCN), Free To Choose Media,®, and Capitaf, juggling schedules, coordinating meetings, advance travel planning, and managing our database. With nearly two decades of experience supporting multiple senior executives, executive staff, directors, donors, and film producers of FTCN, Pierson is a go-to resource for our team.

From 1992 until 2021, she simultaneously served as innkeeper and property manager for her family’s business, A.J. Wing and Associates in Conneaut, OH. And before joining FTCN, Pierson worked in retail sales as an assistant manager and the hospitality industry. She earned an associate degree in applied science: business management, with adjacent majors in accounting and information systems, from Lakeland Community College in Kirkland, OH.

Pierson enjoys do-it-yourself projects, camping, and riding motorcycles and UTV’s. She lives in East Springfield, Pennsylvania with her husband, Dave, and their daughter.