Free To Choose Network | Executive Team
Jeff Kelman

Vice President of Development

The ideas of classical liberalism first captured Jeff after reading Milton Friedman's classic book, Capitalism and Freedom. Jeff was so taken in by this book — and the promise that it could serve as a primer for neophytes to liberty — that he personally bought and handed out copies to friends, and friends of friends. After handing out a few hundred copies of Capitalism and Freedom, Jeff found the group called Free To Choose Network, met Bob Chitester, went shooting in the woods... and the rest, as they say, is history...

Jeff brings with him years of experience as a successful sales executive in the high technology sector, working for firms such as Oracle, Dyn, and Catchpoint. The fast pace of the changing tech landscape, startups, and acquisitions were all part of the intrigue, but Jeff always found the regulations and red tape involved in different facets of the industry to be greatly bothersome. Jeff understood the pressing need for dedicated individuals to fight for the right to have an environment in which conducting honest business was not discouraged. That is, of course, an environment of freedom, and free markets.

Prior to tech sales, for close to a decade, Jeff lived and worked in the casino gaming industry in Las Vegas, Nevada. It was here that Jeff saw first-hand the issues of cronyism, and an overheated regulatory and licensing infrastructure. This aided entrenched existing powers, at the direct expense of new and more innovative potential investors and entrepreneurs.

Jeff would bill himself as part activist, part historian, and even part fundraiser, but only for a cause he truly believes in and cares for deeply. Ultimately, the constant in Jeff's life is a strong aversion to centralized authority and control, and a great affinity for freedom for the individual.

Jeff currently lives in the Manchester, New Hampshire area, with his wife Michelle and son Craig.