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Northwood University President Kent MacDonald presented Bob Chitester with the honorary doctorate, which noted the acclaimed video series and book, Free To Choose, would never have been written and produced, and the freedom movement may not have grown in such a broad and diverse manner, had it not been for Bob’s urging Milton and Rose to do the series.

In the citation, it was also noted that Free To Choose, and other materials produced by Free To Choose Network, have had a deep and meaningful impact on the educational outcomes of many university professors, students, politicians, and business leaders across the United States and around the world for the past 40 years.

Many believe that Free To Choose, and other publications by Milton and Rose Friedman, played a significant role in the collapse of Communism in Central and Eastern Europe. The fall of the Berlin Wall and reunification of Germany, as well as influencing the establishment of Estonia, Mongolia, and the Czech Republic, were the first immediate results of the ideas contained in Free To Choose taking root on a global scale. Free To Choose also inspired the growth of free enterprise in China and South America.

In thanking Northwood University for the honor, Bob addressed the audience with two speeches entitled “Milton, Rose, Me and Poetry” and “Well-Being and Happiness.”

At the end of the closing dinner, Bob was awarded a citation from the U.S. Congress for his contributions to the United States and the freedom movement. He was also presented a salutation from the Speaker of the House and the Senate Majority Leader of the state of Michigan for lifetime achievement. Finally, Bob was presented with a copy of the Great Seal of the State of Michigan, signed by numerous members of the Michigan State House and Senate for inspiring their careers and economic way of thinking.

The entire day was orchestrated by Dr. Timothy G. Nash, Director of the McNair Center for the Advancement of Free Enterprise and Entrepreneurship at Northwood University.

Bob receives his Doctor of Laws Honoris Causa from Kristin Stehouwer, Ph.D., Academic Vice President & Provost and Dr. Kent MacDonald, President of Northwood University.

Dr. Chitester talks about Milton and Rose Friedman and their love of poetry.

Anyone who knows Bob knows that every meeting, speech, or dinner is not complete without a song or poem. Northwood University received both from him that day.

(left to right) Mark Chitester, Bob’s son; Dr. Bob Chitester; Rob Chatfield, President, Free To Choose Network; Dr. Kent MacDonald, President, Northwood University

Dr. Bob enjoyed the many questions asked during the Q&A portion of the program.

Dr. Dale Matcheck, Professor and Department Chair, Economics, conducted the entertaining Q&A with Dr. Chitester after lunch.

Dr. Timothy Nash, Director, McNair Center for the Advancement of Free Enterprise and Entrepreneurship at Northwood University, orchestrated the entire day of tribute for Dr. Chitester.

After the luncheon, faculty members gathered for a discussion with the new doctor in the house.

Bob was greeted at the entrance to Northwood University.