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Who’s to Blame for Campus Censorship?
Is free speech under attack in higher education? Have we forgotten why it matters? What are the consequences of stifling open dialogue and debate? In this exclusive Director's Cut segment of the groundbreaking series Free To Speak, host Nadine Strossen delves into the alarming trend of speech suppression on college campuses. Through eye-opening interviews and powerful personal accounts, Strossen and a diverse array of experts expose the erosion of our most fundamental right and its chilling effect on public discourse. This excerpt challenges viewers to confront the urgent need to foster a culture of open debate and intellectual resilience in the face of controversy.
This artist fled censorship only to find it in the U.S.
Can artistic freedom survive in American universities? This exclusive Director’s Cut segment of Free To Speak confronts this question head-on, exposing the bureaucratic challenges and moral dilemmas artists face on college campuses. Multimedia artist Serhat Tanyolacar shares his experiences of having his thought-provoking works, which address issues of racism and political corruption, censored at multiple institutions. Host Nadine Strossen and a panel of experts explore the complex factors that lead universities to prioritize brand protection over free expression and the broader implications for society. This eye-opening segment didn’t make it into the public broadcast version of Free To Speak, and it challenges viewers to reconsider the state of free speech in American higher education and its far-reaching consequences.