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Milton Friedman Speaks: The Future of Our Free Society
We live under a form of slavery—government domination of the market economy. We have come a long way from a truly free economy: Consider the number of markets to which new firms do not have free access; consider the erosion of expression for business people; consider the plethora of government regulations American business must contend with. Can these trends be reversed? It is harder to repeal laws than pass them. Private business is unfortunately shortsighted when it turns to politics. But count among the favorable signs the very inefficiency of government—and the American public’s growing recognition of this fact. Business qua business can do relatively little to reverse this trend (though it can at least become more sophisticated and farsighted in political planning), but business people as individuals, as citizens, must seek to persuade the public that we are already on the road to a collectivist state, that if we continue it, we will lose prosperity and liberty. Recorded at National Association of Manufacturers/National Industrial Council, Congress of American Industry, Washington DC
©1978 / 45:36