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The PRC forum is a series designed with the intention of having personal discussions with some of the great thinkers of 70’s and 80’s at that time. From Milton Friedman and Walter Williams, to Gary Becker and Charles Murray, these discussions let the viewer in on what these economists, businessmen and women, and other intellectuals considered not only their passion, but what they believed to be most important to discuss about society, governments, and our country. Each discussion is tailored specifically to the speaker and will let the viewer in on everything from the ideas they embody to their upbringing, successess, and, on occasion, failures.
To hear thoughts on a range of topics recorded by The Idea Channel® (an initiative of Free To Choose Network) click the links below.
The PRC Forum: Bruce Ames
Inventor of the Ames Test and Chairman of Biochemistry at Berkeley, Professor Ames is concerned with the exaggeration of the danger of chemical residues in the environment. Peanut butter sandwiches...
The PRC Forum: Charles Murray
Charles Murray, former Peace Corps volunteer, social scientist, and author of "Losing Ground" and "The Pursuit of Happiness," is appalled by the effects of welfare programs. He explains how government...
The PRC Forum: David Horowitz
David Horowitz (BA Columbia-1959; MA UC Berkeley-1961) is an author/editor. In this discussion with co-editor Peter Collier, Horowitz now describes himself as a conservative. He challenges his past...
The PRC Forum: Ed Crane
Ed Crane, formerly a financial analyst and leading advocate of classical liberal ideas, is interviewed while President of the CATO Institute. Crane discusses the systemic nature of government growth...
The PRC Forum: Ed Feulner
Ed Feulner, as President of The Heritage Foundation, discusses the facts and fictions of government growth and services. He explains why advocates of ideas can't stop fighting, even when the ideas are...
The PRC Forum: Gary Becker
Dr. Gary Becker, Professor of Economics & Sociology, University of Chicago explains why the family is and will continue to be a dominant 'player' in economic activities. National productivity is...
The PRC Forum: James Buchanan
James Buchanan, Professor of Economics at George Mason University, and 1986 Nobel laureate, discusses political and constitutional rules within which politicians operate. He analyzes incentives faced...
The PRC Forum: Jennifer Roback
Slavery was necessary for ratification of the Constitution. Repulsive to modern thought, in 1787 that was the cost of including the southern states in the Union. Jennifer Roback's examination of the...
The PRC Forum: Julian Simon
Julian Simon foresaw the falling natural resource prices, increased world oil supply, and decline in farmland prices. His view of population economics is unique and persuasive. This discussion covers...
The PRC Forum: Midge Decter
Women's liberation has "liberated" men and sacrificed millions of children. Decter, past editor of Harper's, author, mother, and grandmother, blames the feminist movement. There is no problem...
The PRC Forum: Milton Friedman
Dr. Milton Friedman, 1976 Nobel laureate in Economics and author of Free To Choose, urges alertness to the difference between false and real problems concerning government. The problem is not...
The PRC Forum: Walter Williams
Born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, Dr. Walter E. Williams holds a B.A. degree in economics from California State University - Los Angeles, and M.A. and Ph.D degrees in economics from UCLA. He also...
The PRC Forum: William R. Allen
William R. Allen is a Professor of Economics at UCLA, and host of 'The Midnight Economist' radio series. Allen, intent on improving the quality of economic education, believes journalists,...