Free To Choose Network | Johan Norberg's New and Improved - Umbrellas
Johan Norberg's New and Improved
Wednesday, March 30, 2022

What do Uber and umbrellas have in common? In this episode of Johan Norberg’s New and Improved, Norberg shares the scandalous history of umbrellas and how it exemplifies progress in the modern world.

The man who introduced umbrellas to the West faced harassment and ridicule for thirty years. His acquaintances considered him an eccentric, and London's many coach drivers considered him a threat. His efforts paid off, and umbrellas were adopted in spectacular fashion.

We love our old ways, even if a new way provides great benefit. But in an environment that permits eccentric ideas to face scrutiny openly, we can count on our minds to be changed and ingenious trends to become invaluable new fixtures in our lives.

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