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The Real Adam Smith
The Adam Smith Institute
A nonpartisan public-policy think tank, advocating for free market and classical liberal ideas.
Foundation for Economic Education
A nonprofit educational organization dedicated to the economic, ethical and legal principles of a free society.
An online education platform hosting economics-related videos.
Books and Articles
The Condensed Wealth of Nations
A condensed version of The Wealth of Nations, providing Smith's ideas in detail, produced by the Adam Smith Institute. Also includes a primer of Theory of Moral Sentiments. A free PDF copy is available for download.
"How to Apply the 'Law of Accumulation' to Your Business and Your Life"
An article from about the positive and negative aspects of the Law of Accumulation.
CliffsNotes: "The Wonderful World of
Adam Smith"

A precis of Smith's life, ideas, and influence.
Laissez Faire
An examination of the potential benefits of governmental non-interference in markets.
The Invisible Hand
An explanation of the beneficial effects of free markets on society.
Adam Smith: Theory of Moral Sentiments, 1759
Professor Lynne Kiesling discusses The Theory of Moral Sentiments.
How Adam Smith Can Change Your Life (Russ Roberts)
Author and economist Russ Roberts discusses The Theory of Moral Sentiments and Smith’s ideas of being kind to others, not being greedy, etc.
Division of Labor: Burgers and Ships
An explanation of the concept of "division of labor."
Comparative Advantage and
the Tragedy of Tasmania

An examination of comparative advantage, using Tasmania as an example.
Economic Lowdown Podcast Series
A podcast series produced by the St. Louis Fed for high school and college students, covering topics in economics, banking, and monetary policy.
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