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Is America in Retreat?
Producer: Kip Perry
Writer: Elan Bentov
Directed by: Kip Perry
Elan Bentov
Executive Producers: Thomas Skinner
Bob Chitester
Camera / Editor: Elan Bentov
Additional Camera: Douglas Plumer
Sound: Dave Roche
Ravid Dvir
Yuri Falko
Tobias Ruther
Sound Mix: Shaun Merryman
Production Coordinators: Ukraine: Dmytro Kolchinky
Israel: Hila Baroz
Germany: Gabrielle Pfeiffer
Philippines: Boy Siojo and Girlie Linao
Translators: Isidro "Jong" Valencerina
Bashar Al Rifai
Additional Footage: Associated Press
U.S. Department of Defense
U.S. Department of State
National Archives
Music Licensing: 5 Alarm Music
Special Thanks: Chris Dauer
David Feith
Trinu Keedus
Arko Kurg
Galen Knowles
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Martyn Y. Crighton
Bradley Hurst
Katie Stallard
Kevin Sheppard
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James Tusty
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