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Corporate Welfare: Where's the Outrage?
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Because every cable provider has a different channel line-up in this digital age, we've highlighted columns below that correspond with your local station over-the-air channel carrying our program (remember the rabbit-ears antenna, yes, that is over-the-air). We have also added links to the Station Call letters to find your provider's broadcast channel (cable, satellite).

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*This is the over-the-air channel location. Each cable provider will have a different channel location. Click here for help.

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Airing Channel
State Market Station Channel Primary
Day Date Time Time
INFort WayneWFWA3939Sunday09/19/202102:00 PMET
CARohnert ParkKRCB2222Monday09/20/202109:00 PMPT
MDFrederickWFPT62/HD62.2Monday09/20/202107:00 PMET
MDHagerstownWWPB31/HD31.2Monday09/20/202107:00 PMET
MDBaltimoreWMPB67/HD67.2Monday09/20/202107:00 PMET
MDAnnapolisWMPT22/HD22.2Monday09/20/202107:00 PMET
MDSalisburyWCPB28/HD28.2Monday09/20/202107:00 PMET
OHColumbusWOSU3434Tuesday09/21/202110:00 PMET
OHColumbusWOSU3434.3Wednesday09/22/202110:00 PMET
CARohnert ParkKRCB2222Thursday09/23/202112:00 PMPT
NMPortalesKENW33Thursday09/23/202104:00 AMMT
MSOxford/JacksonWMAV18.118.1Sunday09/26/202102:00 PMCT
MSJacksonWMPN29.129.1Sunday09/26/202102:00 PMCT
MSBudeWMAU17.117.1Sunday09/26/202102:00 PMCT
MSColumbus/TupeloWMAB2.12.1Sunday09/26/202102:00 PMCT
MSBoonevilleWMAE12.112.1Sunday09/26/202102:00 PMCT
MSBiloxiWMAH19.119.1Sunday09/26/202102:00 PMCT
MSMeridianWMAW14.114.1Sunday09/26/202102:00 PMCT
MSGreenwoodWMAO23.123.1Sunday09/26/202102:00 PMCT
CASan DiegoKPBS15.1/HD15.1Tuesday09/28/202111:00 PMPT
NMPortalesKENW33.2Thursday09/30/202107:00 PMMT
INEvansvilleWNIN9/HD9Saturday10/02/202109:00 PMCT
VTBurlingtonWETK33/HD33.2Sunday10/17/202105:00 PMET
VTRutlandWVER28/HD28.2Sunday10/17/202105:00 PMET
VTWindsorWVTA41/HD41.2Sunday10/17/202105:00 PMET
VTSt. JohnsburgWVTB20/HD20.2Sunday10/17/202105:00 PMET
MIEast LansingWKAR23.123.1Monday10/18/202109:00 PMET
CASan BernardinoKVCR24/HD24Thursday10/21/202108:00 PMPT