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Free or Equal
Writer: Johan Norberg
Director: Jim Taylor
Executive Producer: Bob Chitester
Field Producer: Barbara Potter
Executive Editor: Thomas Skinner
Camera / Editor: Jim Taylor
Sound: Barbara Potter
Production Coordinator: Tara Schupp
SOUND MIX: Chris Albertine
Graphics: Subatomic Digital
Production Accounting: Cindee Behrendt
Production Assistants: Alexander Andersson
Brian Childs
Nick Darby
Chan Ka Ho
Ken Hui
Joe Lancy
Special Thanks: Nokia, Hong Kong
Whole Foods Market, Philadelphia
Tekserve, New York
National Park Service
Tekniska Musett, Stockholm
Sofia Nerbrand
Teodor Koistinen
Archival Footage: Associated Press Television News
EESTI TV, Estonia
NBC Universal
SVT, Sweden
Production Services: Resolution Productions, Inc.
Product Package Design: Len Juniewicz
President Reagan Footage Courtesy Reagan Presidential Library
Free To Choose 1980 Footage Courtesy Free To Choose Enterprise
Executive Producers: Michael Peacock
Robert Chitester
Producer: Michael Latham
Film Director: Graham Massey
Associate Producers: Eben Wilson
Rose Friedman
Creative Consultants: Robert Reid
Anthony Jay
Camera: Tom Lau
Gill Hubbs
Sound: Robbie Robinson
Tony Anscombe
Editor: Alan Coddington
Stephen Hills, Assistant
Research: Chaplin Chang
Continuity: Margaret Young
Production Manager: Jackie Warner
Series Title Music: Edward J. Farran
Series Titles: Jerry Hibbert
Graphics: Robinson, Lambie-Nairn Ltd.
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