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Vol. 9 - How to Cure Inflation  (Free To Choose - 1980)

Inflation results when the amount of money printed or coined increases faster than the creation of new goods and services. Money is a ''token'' of the wealth of a nation. If more tokens are created than new wealth, it takes more tokens to buy the same goods. Friedman explains why politicians like inflation, and why wage and price controls are not solutions to the problem. Friedman visits Japan, U.S. and Britain. Discussion Participants: Robert McKenzie, Moderator; Milton Friedman; Congressman Clarence J. Brown; William M. Martin, Chairman of Federal Reserve 1951-1970; Beryl W. Sprinkel, Executive Vice-President, Harris Bank, Chicago; Otmar Emminger, President, Deutsche Bundesbank, Frankfurt West Germany © 1980 / 57 min.

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