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A More or Less Perfect Union
Directed by: Jim Taylor
Producer: Barbara Potter
Writer / Co-Producer: Gary Parker
Executive Producers: Thomas Skinner
Bob Chitester
Robert Chatfield
Original Music: John Keltonic
Music ©2019,
JDK Music, Inc. ASCAP,
Used by Permission
Camera / Editor: Jim Taylor
Additional Camera / Sound: Vince Franke
Field Producer: Barbara Potter
Story Consultant: Max Borders
Archival Research: Image Finders
Additional Research: Ross Kenyon
Marley Behrendt
Susan Gable
Graphics Designer: Matt Strauss
Re-recording Mixer: Max Conklin
Audio Post: Pomann Sound (NYC)
Paris Production Coordinator: Ann Fitzgerald
Project Manager: Tara Schupp
Project Accounting: Cindee Behrendt
Project Assistants: Teresa Burgess
Michael Kraus
Nick Liberatore
Product Package Design: Mike Hanel
Len Juniewicz
Joseph Lehr
Marketing: Amy Ritzel
Dana Roberts
Charles Santini
Public Relations: Hawkins Public Relations
Community Engagement: Kristen O’Brien
Historical Characters
Portrayed By:

Alexander Hamilton
Eben Kuhns
James Madison
John Zak
George Washington
Dean Malissa
George Mason
Ed Kane
Benjamin Franklin
Bill Robling

Mr. Kuhns and Mr. Zak appear courtesy of
American Historical Theatre.

Mr. Kuhns' and Mr. Zak's
costumes by Kim Hanley of AHT
Spot the Crime
Producer: Tanvir Toy
Actors: Kathryn Roberts
Miguel Palestino
Zarahi Castellanos
Charisma Mosely
John Sanango
Anda Pielaru
Sandra Masias Chavez
Sharon Hardeen
Damian Hardeen
Wale Adebixi
Sandy Castillo
Jesse Ortiz
Sedition Act Actors: Evan Duncan
Alan Highe
Vincent Gagliardi
Nathan Levy
Cesar Lozada
Archival: AP Archives
Dred Scott Foundation
Institute for Justice
KFVS Television
New York Public Library
Metropolitan Museum of Art
Howard University
White House Archives
National Gallery of Art
Historic New Orleans Collection

U.S. Library of Congress
Prints and Photographs Division

National Archives and
Records Administration

George Mason Portrait, Courtesy
Board of Regents, Gunston Hall
Archival: Presidential Libraries:
John F. Kennedy
Lyndon B. Johnson
Richard Nixon
Gerald R. Ford
Jimmy Carter
Ronald Reagan
George H.W. Bush
William J. Clinton
George W. Bush
Barack Obama

Missouri Historical Society

Special Collections & Archives
J. Edgar and Louise S. Monroe Library
Loyola University, New Orleans
Special Thanks: Antonin Scalia School of Law
Smith, Gambrell & Russell, LLP
The King’s College
Brookings Institution
Institute for Justice
Georgetown Law School
The George Washington University Law School
Yale University Law School
University of Chicago Law School
Cato Institute
The Whitney Plantation
Independence National Historical Park
National Park Service
National Constitution Center
Thomas Jefferson Foundation at Monticello, Charlottesville, VA
James Madison’s Montpelier
George Washington’s Mount Vernon
Colonial Williamsburg Foundation
KFVS 12, St. Louis, MO
Special Thanks: Old Sturbridge Village
The Newseum
Winter Harbor Lobster Co-op
Faith Like A Mustard Seed Farm
City of London Corporation
The Bell In Hand Tavern
City of Boston
The Boston Tea Party Reenactment
Theatre 99
Washington, D.C. Film Commission
Korean War Memorial by Frank Gaylord

Three Servicemen Statue,
Three Soldiers ©1984 F.E. Hart and V.V.M.F.
All Rights Reserved. Used With Permission.

Les Archives Nationales
(Ministère de la Culture et de la Communication)
Françoise Banat-Berger and staff
The Producers thank The Department of Homeland
Security for its cooperation and assistance.
Production Services: Resolution Productions, Inc.
Original Production Funding
Provided by:

Diana Davis Spencer Foundation
The Dunn Foundation
Thomas Peterffy
Judicial Education Project
C. Boyden Gray
Mrs. Richard Monroe Fairbanks III
Sarah Scaife Foundation
Fred M. Young Jr.
For WNET/THIRTEEN: Legal Affairs
Matt Clark

Budget Controller
Enaé Boone

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Lindsey Horvitz
Natasha Padilla
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RoseLynn Marra
Robin Rodriguez

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Emilio Saldana

Coordinating Producer
Benjamin Phelps
For WNET/THIRTEEN: Director, Programming Operations
Jane Buckwalter

Stephen Segaller
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