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A More or Less Perfect Union

A More or Less Perfect Union Community Engagement Campaign is drawn from the groundbreaking, three-part public television series coming to PBS in early 2020. The goal of these activities is to engage people across the country in constructive conversations via community forums and panels, online and in classrooms, as well as any place where people gather or turn to discuss critical issues that affect us all such as amending the Constitution, the Second Amendment, government overreach and more.

The Federalist Society and Second Amendment Foundation, along with educational institutions and community organizations across the country, are joining in partnership and grassroots initiatives with Free To Choose Media.

Learn about our partner events near you, or host your own, and get resources for community engagement and educational outreach, including lesson plans for students’ grades 9 – 12+.

Community Engagement ToolKits
If you are interested in hosting an event of your own to discuss these or other Constitutional issues, our Community Engagement ToolKits will include everything you need.

To learn more about each of the following campaigns, click on the links below.

For more information and to get involved in the conversation contact us here.