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Power to the People
Written by: Johan Norberg
Directed by: Jim Taylor
Produced by: Barbara Potter
Executive Producers: Thomas Skinner and Bob Chitester
Camera/Editor: Jim Taylor
Sound/Additional Camera: Vince Franke
Science Consultant: Daniel B. Botkin, PhD
Project Manager: Tara Schupp
Project Coordinator: Kathy Anderson
Graphics Design: Subatomic Digital
Sound Mix: Chris Albertine
Production Accounting: Cindee Behrendt
Translators: Kristoffer Born
L'Houssaine Oulbaz
Product Package Design: Len Juniewicz
Robert Range
Production Coordinators: Morocco:
Reda Fakhar
El Houssaine Ait M'rim, Assistant

Kristoffer Born
Researchers: Ted Balaker
Hannah Earl
Stock Footage: Nuclear Energy Institute
Cynthia and George Mitchell Foundation
Special Thanks: Ait M’rim Family
Moroccan Agency for Solar Energy
National Office of Electricity, Morocco
Three Rivers Recreation Area
U.S. Army Corps of Engineers
For WTTW National Productions: Chief Television Content Officer: Dan Soles
Project Manager: Christina Pagones
Publicist: Julia Maish
Engineer in Charge: Don DeMartini
Chief Technology Officer: Mark Jahnke
Executive in Charge: Parke Richeson
Station Relations: De Shields Associates, Inc.
Public Relations: SWPR Group
Production Services: Resolution Productions, Inc.
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