Free To Choose Network | The Power of the Poor
The Power of the Poor
Produced by: Roger Brown
Directed by: Jim Taylor
Written by: Roger Brown & Thomas Skinner
Executive Producers: Thomas Skinner & Bob Chitester
Camera / Editor: Jim Taylor
Field Producer: Barbara Potter
Sound recording: Barbara Potter
Narrator: Allison Matthews
Production Coordinator: Tara L. Schupp
Additional Editing: Michael Couture Media
Graphics Design: Subatomic Digital
Sound Mix: Chris Albertine
Production Accounting: Cindee Behrendt
Archival Researchers: Guillermo Garcia
Diego Llona
Production Assistant: Dan Riesen
Translators & Transcribers: Catherine Izquierdo
Denise Nagelschmidt
Greg Perkins
Voss Transcribers
Special Thanks: Angel Ayala
Gabriel Daly
Miriam Gago
Guillermo Garcia
Diego Llona
Iris McKenzie
Melissa Mussio
Juan Pulgar-Vidal
Ed Tivnan

Institute for Liberty and Democracy
University of Bern
Still Photographs: Carlos Dominguez
Fatima Lopez
Jaime Razuri
Caretas Archives
ILD Archives
La Republica Archives
Production Services: Resolution Productions, Inc.
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