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The Price of Peace
Producer: Kip Perry
Writer: Elan Bentov
Directed by: Kip Perry
Elan Bentov
Executive Producers: Thomas Skinner
Bob Chitester
Camera / Editor: Elan Bentov
Sound: Jan Fiala
Project Manager: Tara L. Schupp
Project Assistants: Michael Kraus
Teresa Burgess
Nick Liberatore
Sound Mix: Shaun Merryman
Production Accounting: Cindee Behrendt
Product Packaging Design: Len Juniewicz
Robert Range
Mike Hanel
Joseph Lehr
Production Coordinators: Falkland Islands: Darren Christie
Czech Republic: Michal Krejci
Russia: Alina Lobzina
Tanzania: Denis Mollel
Stock Footage: U.S. Department of Defense
Associated Press
British Pathe
U.S.National Archives
United Nations
Archival: Cambridge University
Harvey Brown
George Chobany
Eric Goss
Music Licensing: 5 Alarm Music
Special Thanks: Dmytro Kolchinsky
Ryan Juers
Richard Winkleman
Wayne Johnson
Brian Bishop
LCDR D.E. McShane
John Adams
Martina Siegrist
U.S. Parks Service
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