Free To Choose Network | School Inc. - A Personal Journey with Andrew Coulson
School Inc. - A Personal Journey with Andrew Coulson

Twenty years ago, East L.A.’s Garfield High School boasted a math teacher so good he inspired a Hollywood movie. Under his guidance, Garfield’s low-income Hispanic students outperformed Beverly Hills High on the AP calculus exam. But until his passing in 2010, Jaime Escalante’s name had been largely forgotten, because in K-12 education, excellence is like a floating candle—burning brightly for a time, then fizzling, unable to touch off a larger blaze.

School Inc. takes viewers on a worldwide personal quest for an answer to the question: if you build a better way to teach math—or history or English—why doesn’t the world beat a path to your door, like they do in other industries? The three-part series looks at Korea, where teachers can make millions of dollars a year; Indian schools that charge $5 a month; and Chile and Sweden, where top K-12 teachers and schools have already begun to "scale-up," reaching large and ever-growing numbers of students. Hosted by the late Andrew Coulson, senior fellow at Cato’s Center for Educational Freedom, the program also exposes the unfamiliar and sometimes startling realities of schools in the U.S.


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