Free To Choose Network | Sweden: Lessons for America?
Sweden: Lessons for America?
Johan Norberg
International commentator Johan Norberg is an author, filmmaker, and editor whose focus is globalization, entrepreneurship, and individual liberty. He serves as Executive Editor at Free To Choose Media; he is a Senior Fellow at Cato Institute; and he has been one of the writers and the host of nearly a dozen documentaries for public television.
Per Ågren
Sales Director, Hövding
Mattias Bengtsson
Former Deputy Political Editor, Svenska Dagbladet Newspaper
Andreas Bergh
Associate Professor of Economics, Lund University
Barbara Bergström
Founder, International English School
Klas Eklund
Economic Advisor to the Prime Minister 1982-1990
Claes-Mikael Jonsson
Legal Council, Swedish Trade Union Confederation (LO)
Anna Mellberg Karlsson
Parent, International English School
Peter Lageson
CEO, SenseAir
Carola Lemne
Director General, Confederation of Swedish Enterprise
Sofia Olsson Olsén
Publisher, Aftonbladet
Dr. Tom G. Palmer
Executive V.P. of International Programs, Atlas Network
Lisa Pelling
Chief Analyst, Arena Group
Mauricio Rojas
Professor of Economic History, Lund University
Nima Sanandaji
President, European Center for Entrepreneurship & Policy Reform
Karin Svanborg-Sjövall
CEO, Timbro
Anna-Katarina Skogh
Director of Marketing & Communications, Hövding
Jens Spendrup
Former CEO & Chairman of the Board, Spendrups Bryggeri AB