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Thomas Sowell: Common Sense in a Senseless World
Jason Riley
Jason Riley is a Senior Fellow at the Manhattan Institute and a member of the Editorial Board at The Wall Street Journal, where he has published opinion pieces for more than 20 years. His topics include politics, economics, education, immigration, social inequality, and race. He is also a commentator for Fox News and speaks frequently on ABC, NBC, CNN, PBS, and NPR.
Adaecus Brooks
Combat Camera Marine
Larry Elder
Nationally Syndicated Radio Host/Columnist
Victor Davis Hanson
Author, Senior Hoover Fellow
Aaron Hunsaker
Technical Product Manager,
Eric July
Benjamin Lacasse
Pistol Marksmanship Coach
Ron Losby
President/CEO, Steinway & Sons
Eva Moskowitz
CEO, Success Academy
Sam Peltzman
Professor Emeritus, University of Chicago
Steven Pinker
Professor, Harvard University
Dave Rubin
Host, "The Rubin Report"
Allen Sanderson
Graduate Seminar, University of Chicago
Jennifer Van Laar
Walter Williams
Professor of Economics, George Mason University