Free To Choose Network | Turmoil & Triumph: The George Shultz Years
Turmoil & Triumph: The George Shultz Years
The Scholar
Read about Shultz’s academic life at Princeton and the University of Chicago, as well as his scholarship on America’s current problems. (More)
The Statesman
George Shultz served in the Cabinets of Presidents Nixon and Reagan, rising to Treasury Secretary under Nixon and Secretary of State under Reagan. (More)
The Man
Explore George Shultz’s life outside government and academia. Learn about his time as a United States Marine, his contributions as an opinion journalist, and his accomplishments as a business leader. (More)
Shultz On...
In these exclusive interview excerpts, George Shultz discusses a variety of contemporary topics, including terrorism, globalization, and the rising global influence of China and India. (More)