Free To Choose Network | Unlikely Heroes of the Arab Spring
Unlikely Heroes of the Arab Spring
Produced by: Roger Brown
Barbara Potter
Jim Taylor
Directed by: Jim Taylor
Written by: Roger Brown
Thomas Skinner
Executive Producers: Thomas Skinner
Bob Chitester
Field Producer: Barbara Potter
Camera/Editor: Jim Taylor
Sound Recording: Barbara Potter
Narrator: Alison Matthews
Production Coordinator: Tara L. Schupp
Graphics Design: Subatomic Digital
Sound Mix: Chris Albertine
Production Accounting: Cindee Behrendt
Translators: Efe Cimrin
Cem Yucesoy
Ezzeddine Fatnassi
Salhi Hammouda
Bouazizi Illustration: Carlos Latuff
Product Package Design: Len Juniewicz
Special Thanks:
Tunisia: The Bouazizi Family
Abderahmane Ben Zakour
Gustavo Marini
Nadia Rtibi
Turkey: The Point Hotel
Production Assistants:
Tunisia: Khalil Ben Hamida
Morocco: Reda Fakhar
Amine el Idrissi
Turkey: Sem Yucesoy
Archival Images: AP Archives
Moroccan Reenactors: Nakki Ouazzani
Ahmed Chaouki
Azeddine Kharbouche
Alaoui Mdaghri Unes
Issam E Saidi
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