Free To Choose Network | Unlikely Heroes of the Arab Spring
Unlikely Heroes of the Arab Spring
Mohamed Al Amri
Friend of Tariq Mohamed Bouazizi
Leila Bouazizi
Sister of Tariq Mohamed Bouazizi
Manoubia Bouazizi
Mother of Tariq Mohamed Bouazizi
Tariq Mohamed Bouazizi
Self-immolator (featured)
Nakiye Boyacigiller
Dean of the School of Management at Sabanci University
Hernando de Soto
Host, President of the Institute of Liberty and Democracy
Chabbi Ferid
Mechanic who owns an extra-legal garage
Timur Kuran
Professor of Economics, Political Science and Islamic Studies at Duke University
Mohamed Ben Abbes Machalli
Another self-immolator (survived)
Gulsah Yalcin
b-fit franchisee