Free To Choose Network | Work & Happiness: The Human Cost of Welfare
Work & Happiness: The Human Cost of Welfare
Arthur Brooks
President, AEI
Robert Doar
Former Commissioner, NYC HR
Nazerine Griffin, Jr.
Counselor, Ready, Willing & Able
Harriet McDonald
Co-founder, Ready, Willing & Able
Charles Murray
Political Scientist
Richard Norat
Featured Job-seeker, Harlem, New York
Johan Norberg
Chase Reed
Founder & Owner, Sneaker Pawn
Angel Rodriguez
Featured Job-seeker, Bronx, New York
Isabel Sawhill
Senior Fellow, The Brookings Institution
Keith Simon
Monique's Husband
Monique Simon
Featured Job-seeker, Staten Island, New York
Christine Wiebe
Featured Job-seeker, Mt. Baker, Washington