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Work & Happiness: The Human Cost of Welfare
Johan Norberg
International commentator Johan Norberg is an author, filmmaker, and editor whose focus is globalization, entrepreneurship, and individual liberty. He serves as Executive Editor at Free To Choose Media; he is a Senior Fellow at Cato Institute; and he has been one of the writers and the host of nearly a dozen documentaries for public television.
Arthur Brooks
President, AEI
Robert Doar
Former Commissioner, NYC HR
Nazerine Griffin, Jr.
Counselor, Ready, Willing & Able
Harriet McDonald
Co-founder, Ready, Willing & Able
Charles Murray
Political Scientist
Richard Norat
Featured Job-seeker, Harlem, New York
Chase Reed
Founder & Owner, Sneaker Pawn
Angel Rodriguez
Featured Job-seeker, Bronx, New York
Isabel Sawhill
Senior Fellow, The Brookings Institution
Keith Simon
Monique's Husband
Monique Simon
Featured Job-seeker, Staten Island, New York
Christine Wiebe
Featured Job-seeker, Mt. Baker, Washington