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Work & Happiness: The Human Cost of Welfare
Where Are They Now?

Richard Norat received his CDL license and relocated to Danville, Illinois. His new employer, who transports goods for Amazon Logistics, took a chance on him after seeing the documentary and decided to give him a chance. Richard says his stress has never been lower. He's saving money, developing a community of friends through a local church, and loves to experience the beauty of America as he travel across the country on his truck routes. He also reconnected with his family and was able to share an embrace with his mother; the first in 30 years.


Angel Rodriguez continues to live in the Bronx working as a bike messenger for a company called Caviar. He loves his job, and being self-sufficient. He says sharing his story helped to inspire him to work hard and improve his life. He has worked his way off of public assistance, and is working to move from his Section 8 housing. His two children, Samantha and Nathaniel, are doing well in school and he is planning a wedding with his long-time girlfriend, Steffani.


Chris Weibe works and resides in Whatcom County, Washington. She is actively working to create a Children's Village in her area, and has followed her passion: working and raising awareness and opportunity for children with disabilities. The loss of her daughter, Madrona, is still difficult for her and her daughters, but they are working to honor her memory every day.


Monique and Keith are still married, but continue to struggle within the system. They are trying to find the best ways to make ends meet and improve their situation for themselves and their daughter. They are considering moving to Pennsylvania, where the cost of living is lower.