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Turmoil & Triumph: The George Shultz Years
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George Shultz as a United States Marine
When to Point a Gun
One of the simplest and most important things Shultz learned from his service in World War II came from his drill instructor. He said: “Never point your gun at anyone unless you’re prepared to use it.” That advice stuck with Shultz throughout his life.

Many years later, Shultz would relate this story to President Reagan who shared this uncomplicated philosophy. Indeed the drill instructor’s advice arguably became the basis of the ‘peace through strength’ foreign policy that Shultz and Reagan came to embody. (Such was evident in their commitment to restoring democratic order in Grenada, in negotiations with the Soviets, and in dealing with the Marcos regime after Corazon Aquino’s rise in the Philippines.)

People who know George Shultz say that of all his accomplishments and associations, he is, in many ways, most proud of being a Marine.

You can see that pride in Shultz’s eyes as he relates a story from his service in WWII to his granddaughter Kelly Shultz.

(Of course, part of the pride comes from recalling his service as a Marine. But his eyes seem to light up for this particular interviewer who, as of that recording, was preparing to go off to college.)

The following web-exclusive video gives America a rare glimpse of a man, a Marine, and a grandfather.